About us

Big Belly Cluj

Big Belly is for EVERYONE. And more than that, it's for anyone who wants to eat to their heart's content!

In a world where everyone seems to want to be sophisticated, we don't want to. We want our story to be about eating with gusto and love. And because we address to all categories of people, from meat consumers to vegetarians, you should know that with us you can enjoy a meal that is not only hearty, but also aromatic and extremely delicious. We prepare the products on the spot, from fresh and very carefully chosen ingredients. Moreover, the menu was designed to cover the need for nutrients, so in addition to a nutritional balance you also enjoy intense flavors, the experience being authentic and full of flavor.

We prepare the famous Big Belly crispy chicken strips according to our own recipe, as well as the crispy chicken shaorma, or the classic burger with Cheddar cheese and bacon, these being just some of our customers' favorite products, products that we are sure you they will conquer on the spot. If you still do not want to pay us a visit, you can choose the delivery option. You should know that we like to travel around the city every day, in a hurry, just to deliver your favorite products.

We believe that food is about joy, lust and love. That your food makes you feel good. And it's with magical moments in front of delicious dishes, with tricks and stories with family, friends or loved ones. So we are waiting for you at our place, to eat to your heart's content! And take your friends with you, we will not disappoint you, we promise!


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