Big Belly Kids Menu

21 Sep. 2021
Big Belly is the place where the whole family can enjoy a tasty meal, at the restaurant, but also at home. We took advantage of International Children's Day to launch two menus created especially for children. Kids menus consist of main course, healthy dessert and drink. Pieces of chicken nuggets are preferred by the little ones, which is why these two menus include them as follows:

Kids Menu with Wrap: a special wrap created for children. It contains 4 pieces of chicken nuggets, salad, tomatoes and cedar cheese. You can add french fries or rice as a garnish of your choice. The menu is completed by a delicious dessert apple and an orange juice from Granini.


Kids Menu with Nuggets: our special nuggest recipe, created for children, has a low sodium content and no preservatives. This menu contains 5 pieces of chicken nuggets along with a light mayonnaise sauce and ketchup. You can choose from french fries or rice. In addition, in the kids menu you will find an apple for dessert and a juice from Granini.

What are Big Belly kids menus ideal for?
  • Our days
  • Parties
  • Family meals
  • For moments of pampering
  • When you simply have a craving for something good

Perhaps the most common question for children is "what do you want to do when you grow up"? Our answer is that we offer food to become whatever the child wants it to be. Any child can become an astronaut, designer, lawyer, policeman, firefighter, artist, programmer, cook, etc., as long as he has a balanced diet. We make good food for the whole family. Good food that helps you grow big and strong.