Big Belly Menus

20 Jan. 2022

big belly menu
Big Belly menus

Do you crave a hearty meal served in the comfort of your home or at a restaurant? At Big Belly Cluj you will find delicious and consistent menus, for all tastes.

Today we will talk about the menu dishes available at Big Belly. Read this article to discover the variety of dishes and choose your favorite one.

Chicken menus

What could be more delicious than the tender pieces of chicken breast in crispy crust and with a consistent portion of french fries or rice with vegetables? ... And plus a sauce of your choice and drink. Choose the Crispy Chicken Breast Menu and enjoy a taste of flavors. Chicken Wings Menu or Chicken Legs Menu is the perfect choice for those who love to nibble on crispy meat and eat well.


Pork Menus

BBQ Ribs Pack? Sounds good? Sounds really delicious! A hearty portion of pork ribs caramelized in BBQ sauce, cooked according to a recipe only known to us with a pan of pan-fried potatoes with green onions and a mix of fresh salad is ready to delight your taste buds.


Grill menu

What could be tastier than pieces of grilled pork and chicken and a serving of natural french fries? Choose the Grill Menu and indulge in the taste of a summer meal with friends at a barbecue.

Menu for Vegetarian and Lacto-vegetarians

Do you want to eat well even if you are a vegetarian? At Big Belly you will find the Vegetarian Menu and the Cheese Menu, both delicious and filling.

No matter what you want to eat, at Big Belly Cluj you always find something to your taste. Choose from a variety of dishes and enjoy a hearty meal.