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Burgers Big Belly Cluj - The most savory burgers in town

Red Burger
22.00 Lei

Meniu Red Burger
30.00 Lei

The Best Chicken Burger
25.00 Lei

Quantity: 400 g
Menu Chicken Burger
34.00 Lei

1x Burger (400g) 1x Fried Potatoes (150g) 1x Sauce to choose (70g) 1x Drink 0.5 L
Classic Burger
26.00 Lei

Quantity: 400g
26.00 Lei

Quantity: 350 g
Big Burger
32.00 Lei

Quantity: 560 g
Menu Classic Burger
34.00 Lei

1x Burger (400g) 1x Fried potatoes (150g) 1x Sauce to choice (70g) 1x Drink 0.5l
Menu Cheeseburger
34.00 Lei

1x Burger (350g) 1x Fried potatoes (150g) 1x Sauce of your choice(70g) 1x Juice/beer 0.5l
Menu Big Burger
40.00 Lei

1x Burger (560g) 1x Potatoes (150g) 1x Selection Sauce (70g) 1x Drinking Drink 0.5l

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Delivery time: between 40-120 min
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Floresti Dâmbul Rotund Marasti Manastur 2 Gilau
Baci Bulgaria Gheorgheni 1 Grigorescu Valcele
Iris Intre Lacuri Buna Ziua Zorilor Apahida
Someseni Gheorgheni 2 Zorilor Sud Hajdeu  
Bulevardul Muncii   Centru Clinicilor  
Aeroport   Andrei Muresan Parcul Central  
Colonia Borhanci   Gruia    
Colonia Becasi   Gara    
Colonia Faget        

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