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Rice with Crispy Chicken
17.00 Lei

Rice - vegetables (Mexican blend) - crispy chicken breast 340 g e
Pig neck grill
21.00 Lei

3 pcs. Pork neck - salad assorted: cucumber, tomtoes, cabbage 500 g e
Chicken legs
18.00 Lei

3 pcs. chicken legs - iceberg lettuce - tomato or cabbage salad - tomatoes 340 g e
Chicken Breast Grill
19.00 Lei

3 pcs. Chicken breast - cabbage salad 400g e
 Chicken Breast Piece 5 pcs.
18.00 Lei

Chicken breast 5 pcs. - iceberg salad - tomatoes or cabbage salad 250 g e
 Chicken breast 7 pcs.
20.00 Lei

Crispy chicken breast - iceberg salad - tomato or cabbage salad 300 g e
19.00 Lei

3 pcs. Cheese - salad assorted by cabbage - cabbage - tomatoes - cucumbers - 430 g e
Chicken Wings
18.00 Lei

6 pcs. Crispy chicken wings - iceberg salad - tomatoes or cabbage salad (cabbage, tomatoes) 350 g e

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Someseni Gheorgheni 2 Zorilor Sud Hajdeu  
Bulevardul Muncii   Centru Clinicilor  
Aeroport   Andrei Muresan Parcul Central  
Colonia Borhanci   Gruia    
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Colonia Faget        

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