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Daily Catering

Daily catering
Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

BigBelly is the solution for those who know that time is money.
We are very interested in our customers’ opinion, therefore if there’s something you like most and didn’t find it in our menu, do not hesitate to tell us 24 hours in advance, and we will take your suggestion into account.
We offer catering services for your staff at the time and location of your choice thus eliminating wasted time both for you and your employees.
We offer a various and balanced menu consisting of fresh and healthy food.
The daily menu can be changed in advance or can be the menu suggested by us.
For a balanced meal we offer an assorted menu that includes dishes based on meat, salads, dairy, vegetarian diet, all of which are prepared in our own kitchen together with soft/fresh drinks or coffee

Catering requirement:

Order must be for minimum 30 people with 24 hours in advance.


How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by phone 0264 704 703
You can write an email to

(We will contact you shortly with an offer)

How do you make the delivery?

Delivery location, date and time is in arranged according to your needs.
Dishes are prepared in strict hygienic conditions, packed in disposable containers and quickly transported to your location.

Quality insulating packaging used for transport and service are guaranteed to enjoy a warm meal.

What is our target?

We need to help companies and also the clients through our services. We know about the impact of meal at work on efficiency and we want to satisfy our clients needs.

What we offer? ?

We serve food every day based on a personalized contract, or personalized menus for our clients.
The food is prepared daily with fresh ingredients.

Our menu, based on your preferences, can be comprised of either of the following: breakfast (i.e: sandwiches, omlettes or milk produce), lunch (soup, main course, salads, bread buns, desserts and juices) and/or dinner (cheese and polenta, milk and rice pudding, as well as fruit and vegetable salads).

No food stock, we only cook with fresh ingredients

Free Shipping for Orders > 40 lei
Delivery time: between 40-120 min
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